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Mission Statement

VPS along with Shade Structures, Sun Ports, form USA SHADE & Fabric Structures. The companies have been successfully operating for over 20 years, and have designed, manufactured, and erected the finest weather protection and shade structures found anywhere in the world. USA SHADE is backed by a team of over 325 employees, and has sold over 250,000 structures worldwide. The company has numerous full-time construction crews operating across the country and utilizes over 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

As part of such a unique organization, we know that our competitors are simply unable to match our resources and capabilities. From professional design, engineering, and manufacturing, to project management, construction, and post-project support, VPS is the undisputed and proven leader. We are uniquely qualified to meet your hail protection and UV/shade requirements, and offer a product and process specifically designed for these purposes. Integrating a complete hail protection solution into your auto dealership is a multi-faceted process, and no other company in the industry understands its complexities and rewards as VPS does.

VPS clients have come to trust that our products and experience are the best available in the industry, and frequently share their positive VPS experiences with other auto dealers and property owners/managers. Our customers are our most powerful advocates, and we encourage you to call on as many of them as possible to verify our products and performance - an extensive contacts list is available upon request. Our goal is not to be just another vendor – we want our clients to consider us a colleague and friend. At VPS, we have made it our mission to understand our client’s business, creating long-standing partnerships that live on today.

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VPS Certifications

Vehicle Protection Structures has a Certificate of Accreditation from the International Accreditation Service (IAS) which ensures quality and compliance. VPS recognized the need for our customers to have confidence in our abilities, as well as the quality of our work when fabricating and erecting structures that protect such high dollar investments. The IAS certification shows VPS’ commitment to quality so you can be sure that every detail of a project is accurate and engineered correctly.
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Brands of USA-SHADE and Fabric Structures Inc.

Shade Structures was formed in Southern California in the early 1990’s in response to the growing need for safe and reliable protection from the harmful effects of the sun and UV exposure. Our DSA Approved structures are designed to improve the quality of life for any outdoor area where people work, play, rest, walk or gather together.

Sun Ports offers shade solutions for everything under the sun. We are the largest and most capable fabric shade structure manufacturer in the U.S., with over 200,000 units installed nationwide. Sun Ports offers a variety of pre-engineered canopy and custom fabric structures available in numerous shapes, sizes and colors. We are the leaders, the innovators and the one’s you can trust!