Every year, auto dealerships throughout the Southern/Central Plains face the possibility of catastrophic damage from hail-related events. Vehicle Protection Structures (VPS), the recognized leader in automotive hail protection, provides turn-key solutions for sheltering open lot vehicle inventories from damaging hail. Our structures are directly responsible for saving Floorplan Insurance Carriers many millions of dollars in damage claims. In addition to hail protection, VPS products provide two other key benefits for the auto dealer; shade from the sun during the hot summer months, and a vibrant, colorful update to the dealership property.

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Many airports in the southern half of the United States are looking to generate additional revenue through various parking strategies. Fabric shade structure covered parking provides both off- and on-airport parking vendors with that opportunity, as airport patrons are willing to pay more to ensure their vehicles are protected from inclement weather. Multiple structural design options are available to suit any budget, and clients can choose between shade or waterproof fabrics. VPS can also provide weather-protected ingress/egress tollbooth coverage, walkway coverage, integrated lighting packages, and more.

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Auto Manufacturing Plants

Auto assembly plant or distribution facility? Vehicle processing center or rail terminal? When hail protection coverage is required by the acre, VPS is the obvious and proven choice. A good sized hail stone can fall at up to 120mph, and can have the same effect as a sledge hammer swung at full force. Entire inventories of cars and trucks have been wiped out, costing millions of dollars in damage and resulting in higher insurance premiums for the manufacturer. From initial consultation and feasibility studies to conceptual design and preliminary engineering, contact VPS to provide you with a proposed solution that meets your exact requirements.

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Property owners and managers looking to gain a competitive edge are increasingly turning to Covered Parking as a way to differentiate their properties, particularly in the nation’s sun-drenched regions. VPS’ shade structures, or canopies, provide shade from the sun and its damaging UV rays, while the roof’s knitted fabric enables hot air to escape. This can reduce the interior temperature of a shaded vehicle by up to forty degrees during the hottest summer months. Whether your application is commercial or institutional, differentiate your property with modern and colorful fabric shade structures from VPS.

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Rooftop Parking

New parking garage? Existing structure with an open top deck? Either way, VPS can cover the parking spaces on your top level with the modern aesthetics and attractive colors provided by our fabric shade structures. For existing garages, VPS can work with your structural engineer to determine the best shade solution available and provide you with a feasibility study. For a new parking garage, VPS’ Engineering Department will provide your structural engineer with details on attachment points, loads and reactions, and more, so the top level’s shade solution will be fully integrated into the design of your parking structure.