Structure Styles

VPS offers the fabric structure industry’s widest variety of structural designs. Your VPS representative can assist you in choosing the right style, or mix of styles, that properly address the aesthetics desired and functionality required, all while remaining within budget. A key factor in this discussion will be selecting either a mesh or waterproof roof system.

Joined Four-Post Hip – Our most economical design, the Four-Post Hip is the most commonly selected design when budget is critical. Up to eight vehicles can be covered by our largest single Hip structure.

Super Span – Ideal for “stack lots” or other applications requiring mass-coverage, our Super Span can be sized up to 5,000 square feet per roof section, and even interconnected for more coverage.

Full Cantilever– Our most popular design, Full Cantilever structures can be interconnected to create extended lines of both single- and double-rows. Perimeter structural columns are not required, making vehicle movement beneath both simple and safe.

Bow Cantilever– Our latest cantilever design, the “Bow Canti” represents the cutting edge of fabric shade structures for the automotive market. It can be easily outfitted with either mesh (HDPE) or waterproof (PVC, PTFE) fabric.

Arch Cantilever– An increasingly popular design, the Arch Cantilever provides seamless protection from damaging hail stones, shade from the sun and UV rays, all while offering a sleek and aesthetically appealing design.

Custom – Take advantage of our Design Development Department (DDD) to achieve a truly unique look for your property. VPS can design, engineer, fabricate, and erect a project that exceeds your expectations and differentiates you from the competition.

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VPS engineers and pours the largest and most structurally-sound foundations (aka piers, footings) in the hail protection industry. Regardless of building code, VPS structures and designed, engineered, and built to last.

Base Plate, Surface-Mount – This attachment design leaves the mounting hardware exposed, but provides for easy disassembly and relocation, should that be a requirement for your project.

Base Plate, Recessed – Our most common attachment design, this base plate is attached to the mounting pier between six and twelve inches below grade, enabling future relocation.

Base Plate, Pedestal – This design is somewhat similar to the Recessed Base Plate, although the attachment point (base plate) is situated at the top of a two-to-three foot high pedestal.

Embedded Column – These extended-length columns are buried deep within the ground, surrounded by a substantial steel rebar cage and concrete. Future relocation is not recommended.

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Companies spend the majority of their marketing efforts on cementing their identity with the public through their corporate logos. VPS can fabricate your logo and affix it to strategically placed fabrics across your property. Auto dealerships commonly use logos to convey basic location messaging such as “DELIVERY” and “SERVICE”. Click on the picture to the right to see a slideshow of some of the custom logo work done for our customers.

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Lighting is the most common option selected by VPS clients, and an important consideration when choosing design styles and structure layout. For those applications where canopy lighting is necessary, our structures can be specifically engineered and fabricated to accept integrated wiring, along with your choice of fixture and light source. VPS has previously installed fixtures from recognized vendors such as Ruud and WLS.

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