Steel Technical Information

VPS steel structures are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the IBC 2006, IBC 2009, and IBC 2010. All steel tubing and plates are finished with a minimum of 2.5 to 3.5 mil thick, UV-inhibited, weather-resistant powder coat. Where structure size or determined loads require larger structural steel members, or steel greater than 7-gauge thickness, carbon steel may be substituted. Cleaning and coating of carbon steel conforms to the following:

  • Media blast of black carbon steel to NACE 3 finish
  • Commercial Blast Cleaning - Removal of mill scale, rust, rust scale, paint or foreign matter by the use of abrasives propelled through nozzles or by centrifugal wheels, to the degree specified. A Commercial Blast Cleaned Surface Finish is defined as one from which all oil, grease, dirt, rust scale and foreign matter have been completely removed from the surface and all rust, mill scale and old paint have been completely removed except for slight shadows, streaks, or discolorations caused by rust stain, mill scale oxides or slight, tight residues of paint or coating that may remain; if the surface is pitted, slight residues of rust or paint may be found in the bottom of pits; at least two-thirds of each square inch of surface area shall be free of all visible residues and the remainder shall be limited to the light discoloration, slight staining or tight residues mentioned above.
  • An industrial thinner solvent wash is applied, if necessary, and prepare the surface for powder-coating, where wall thickness requires preheating.

All carbon structural steel shall be ASTM A-36, except pipe columns, which shall be ASTM A-53, Grade B, unless otherwise noted. All internal fittings are welded on one side. Structural steel is detailed, fabricated, and erected in accordance with IAS specifications. All shop and certified welders following procedures published in the latest edition of the American Welding Society specifications. Shop connections are welded unless otherwise noted. All welds are performed using gas-metal arc welding with E70C-6M-H8 wire, unless otherwise noted on drawings. Field connections are bolted unless otherwise noted on drawings. All fillet welds are a minimum 3/16” unless otherwise noted. All steel shall be welded shut at terminations to prevent internal leakage.

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HailShield Technical Information

  • Raw material - high-density polyethylene with Ultra Violet (UV) additives
  • Construction - monofilament and tape construction providing a stable material
  • Knit Type - Rachel-knitted to ensure material will not unravel if cut
  • Finish - Fabric is stentored
  • Tear Strength - Warp: 198 lbs
  • Tear Strength - Weft: 440 lbs
  • Burst Strength - 34.8 PSI / 5012 PSF
  • Fabric Mass - 5.89 oz./sq.yd.
  • Fabric Width - 9ft. 10 in.
  • Roll Length - 164.06 ft
  • Roll Dimensions - 5 ft. 3 in. x 1 ft. 4 ½ in.
  • Roll Weight - +/- 66 lbs
  • Fading - Minimal after 5 years
  • Minimum Temperature - -13º F
  • Maximum Temperature - +176º F
  • Life Expectancy - Minimum of 8 years
  • Thread Specifications - Tenara PTFE Thread

  • High strength
  • Low shrinkage
  • Wide temperature range
  • Flex and abrasion resistant, and UV radiation immunity
  • Thread is guaranteed to meet or exceed the fabric’s lifetime
  • Thread is unaffected by cleaning agents, acid rain, mildew, rot, chlorine, saltwater, and industrial pollutants
  • Lockstitch thread ~ 1200 Denier
  • Chainstitch thread ~ 2400 Denier
  • Sewing Specifications

    Some corners to be strengthened with 16 ounce non-tear vinyl material and protective webbing is sewn into all areas where steel cable enters/exits fabric pockets

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  • From install date, HailShield fabrics carry a 5-year limited warranty against failure from significant fading, deterioration, breakdown, mildew, heat, cold, or discoloration (Red = 3 years). Should the fabric need to be replaced under warranty, Company will sew and ship a new fabric at no charge.
  • This warranty shall be void if damage to the shade fabric is caused by contact with chemicals, misuse, vandalism, any Act of God (ie. hurricane, tornado, micro/macroburst), including, but not limited to, ice, snow, or wind, in excess of the applicable building code parameters.
  • This warranty will be void if regular cleaning/maintenance is not performed. This is critical in areas where sand/dirt may cause abrasion of the fabric.
  • Fabric tops are only warranted for winds/gusts up to 90mph, and prior to snow/ice accumulation. Fabric curtains and valances are not covered.
  • Structures are designed to eliminate friction between the rafters and fabric. The warranty will be voided if any modification or attachment is made to the rafter. The fabric will wear/tear should any object be placed between the rafter and the fabric, voiding the warranty.
  • Labor for the removal, installation and/or freight will be covered for a period of 1 year, where the structures supplied and installed by Company are defective. In all cases where the structures are not installed by Company or its agents, all labor for the removal, installation and/or freight will be at the customers’ expense and the warranty will only be applicable to the repair or replacement of the defective materials.
  • Company reserves the right, in cases where certain fabric colors have been discontinued, to offer the customer a choice of available colors to replace the warranted fabric of the discontinued color. Company does not warrant that any particular color will be available for any period of time and reserves the right to discontinue any color for any reason, without recourse by the owner of the discontinued fabric color.
  • Thread:
  • Company utilizes GORE™ Tenara® sewing thread, which includes an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty does not cover damage from fire, cuts, vandalism, misuse, or any Act of God, including, but not limited to, ice, snow, or wind in excess of the applicable building code.
  • Labor for the removal, assembly and/or freight of tops with damage caused by thread will only be covered in instances where Company has assembled the unit. In all cases where units where not assembled by Company, all labor for the removal, assembly and/or freight will be for the customers account and the warranty will only be applicable to the repair or replacement of defective materials.
  • Steel:
  • The structural integrity of the steel is warranted for 10 years. Workmanship and powder coated surfaces are warranted for 1 year. This warranty shall be void if steel damage is caused by misuse, vandalism, Act of God, including, but not limited to, ice, snow, or wind in excess of applicable building code parameters.